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Nostalgia vs. Progress vs. ? - Issue #321

Are things getting better or worse? By some measures, now is the best time ever to be alive: people have never been healthier or wealthier or longer-lived; by other measures, it seems grim: teenagers, especially girls, have never been more depressed or suicidal, and people of all ages report fewer real friends and participation in robust communities. We're coming apart, inside and out, at a time when we might expect to be doing our best.


But will it scale? - Issue #320

People at a certain kind of growing software company are always asking if a thing will scale. You can win meetings by asking the question, "will it scale?" every so often.


Generation to Generation - Issue #319

I'm a sucker for fake trends and the sorts of cool, simple explanations of complex phenomena that have to be mostly false. Generational analysis usually fits the latter category: the idea that all Americans born between 1995 and whenever share traits is a composition fallacy. Some of the "Greatest Generation" were cowards and some of the Boomers were selfless heroes: I don't think you can accurately and completely generalize groups of people by birth year.


The 7 Top Unused HubSpot Features

As companies cut budgets in 2023, you’ll need to get more done with existing software. Here are 7 ways to get more from your HubSpot account.


Is privacy normal? - Issue #317

Peggy Noonan's column on Prince Harry, published last week, ended with a broader thought about privacy. It has all of the pearl-clutching and "back in my day" of a good Noonan column, but I think her point is worth quoting at length:


7 Trends that Sales, Marketing, and Service Teams Face in 2023

As part of my consulting work, I try to help sales, marketing, and service leaders zoom out to think about where the world is going and how they should react to it. Usually this is a process of me identifying trends and us talking about how they impact the client's revenue operations.


On Bonsai - Issue 313

One Spring a few years ago, I dug up some maple trees and a few...


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