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My talk at TeenPact's National Convention 2017

TeenPact invited me to speak at their National Convention 2017 event, a gathering of 900 TeenPact students, volunteers, and staff. They asked me to talk about seeking God in the context of my work in politics.
Using their theme as a springboard, I told some personal stories in a discussion of my core values: spirituality (seek meaningful godliness), magnanimity (show generous loyalty), and simplicity (make purposeful lifestyle choices). I talked about the cool kids' table, phone addiction, and what to do when things don't go as planned. Plus a bonus science fiction book recommendation!

Why I Bike to Work

In 2016, I moved to suburban Atlanta. Suddenly, I vaguely wanted to buy an SUV. A lot of people had them, and the idea of sitting in a leather recliner while driving...


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