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I help people produce results with HubSpot's marketing, sales, and service apps. Every Friday, I send an email with thoughtfully curated reading on current events + technopoly + marketing + religion + simplicity.

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You need to work well with technology.

I’ve worked for over a decade in digital marketing, related technology, and front office systems. As a product manager and strategic advisor, I’ve deployed out-of-the-box and custom apps. I have learned the impact of making smart choices and investments in technology.


We need to think deeply about technology and ____.

Tech is eating the world, but that may not be good. We all know we shouldn’t assume more is better. But how to decide? Wide reading on its impacts will teach us the wisdom to technologize well.


Integrating technology with life.

Every issue isn’t solvable by technology; much in tech costs more than it solves. Technology needs to be weighed against the real values of a life well lived.

My values are spirituality, magnanimity, and simplicity. These are the lenses I bring to technology.

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Nathanael Yellis is a consultant at HubSpot, cohost of the Own Your Platform podcast, and parent of four. He lives in Beverly, MA.


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