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Own Your Platform Podcast: for people launching careers in tech

This is my third try at a podcast. In 2004-6, I hosted a short-lived podcast (MindPlacebo) with my brother Andrew. It was really fun for us to record. I'm not sure why anyone listened. But listen they did: we reached about 60 people per episode and began a regular listener mailbag, where people wrote in and we made jokes about their emails.

People emailing and us answering on the podcast was really cool.

In 2014, my old debate partner and debate co-coach Isaiah McPeak and I launched Own Your Platform. The early episodes were quick, topic bursts on the sorts of things we were facing as we moved from debate coaches to launch our "real careers." This was my second try at a podcast.

The highlight episodes of that first run of the podcast were the three where Isaiah coached me for a presentation I gave to Marketo's 2015 Marketing Nation conference. We released those episodes in three parts: the first two his prep for my talk and the third a recap of how it went (spoiler: kinda badly). Not too long after that, our episode ideas petered out. When we ran into the challenge of being experienced at coaching debate, but not so experienced at coaching real world communications. We needed a bit more time.

And now, we're back. I guess this could be a continuation of my second try, depending on how the score is kept.

This year, we've relaunched the Own Your Platform podcast. You can listen to our new episodes (and the old ones) here. Our aim is to help people who are early in their tech careers with their communications challenges.

Why? As you'll hear, we've gotten better. Or at least, Isaiah has. We have some frameworks that are tested and proved in the real world of professional communicating. And we're ready to share them.

I already have two favorites from our recent run of episodes:

Episode 17: Steven Tomlinson

I loved sitting down with Steven, a teacher of mine from my Acton MBA days, and hear about how he helps his corporate communications clients. He and Isaiah had a few really insightful riffs, and Steven ragged a bit on our podcast's name.

Episode 18: Mailbag Bonanza

This was a fun one, and you'll hear more in its format: I rattled off a few questions we'd gathered for Isaiah. He's brilliant when put on the spot. And boy did we do that: there was no prep, no pregame reveal of the questions. I just asked and he answered.

And that's where you come in: we're gathering questions for future episodes. Are you in the tech sector? Do you want to be? What professional communicating do you want help with? Send us your questions and you'll be featured on a future episode: