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New vs. old right - #359

To make this little email, I read the internet opportunistically, on the hunt for good writing about interesting things. My trusty sources reflect the distinct eras of my interests: politics, tech, marketing, and culture. The stack of stuff is often like this morning's Spotify release radar: a J. S. Bach prelude followed by Pearl Jam covering Tom Petty. It's either a delightful potpourri or the omnivore's dilemma, and my opinion of the stack of stuff depends on my mood.

The stack of stuff's political reading has been increasingly missing the mark. I keep wondering whether it's them or me. It's been about 6.5 years since I quit my career in politics. Looking at the archive, 2017's and 2018's weekly emails served to help me process that change. First it was about my job and industry; later, those emails chronicle the growth in my views. Some of my closer friends noted my encroaching disinterest and moderation; I've increasingly resonated with the sort of political writers who style themselves, "Eisenhower Republicans" or similar anachronisms. 2011 Nathanael would've been appalled—he was at least 14 Nathanaels ago.

Solipsism aside, the changing ideologies have to be noted. The left has long had a progressive vs. populist split, with Biden serving as a totem of the latter while driving towards some policies of the former. The same is true on the right: the emerging "new right", as its people piece it together, is a departure from the conservatism of the '80s and '90s, but it looks a lot like conservative vs. reactionary splits of the '20s and '50s. It's hard to place some the current right wing politicos in these camps, but it's clear that change is afoot.

As evidence of that change, I've collected a few of the more readable essays from the political part in my stack of stuff: ideologies on the GOP debate stage, new vs. old right, and a book review that encapsulates the division. Let me know what you think.


The Left of the Right

If you tuned in to the first Republican Party presidential debate of the 2024 cycle, you may have suffered ideological whiplash.




Old Mistakes From the New Right

The American right is engaged in a complicated and increasingly dirty conflict.




Patrick Deneen's Otherworldly Regime

Another attempt by a New Right thinker to lay out all that went wrong with the American experiment.



middle aged man with glasses intently reading a literary magazine

My AI prompt for this this cover art: "middle aged man with glasses intently reading a literary magazine"