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Fun with words - #350

My weekly email started as a way to make some use of my incessant online reading habit. Some fraction of what I read seemed interesting and worth passing along. Rather than only make social postings into the void, I thought some friends would find the good things from my stack of reading interesting. And so emerged "recommended reading" which morphed, as all online things do, into a pun, "Nathanael's Reading." But you can't give a fellow like me a platform without making him think you want a ted talk. Thank you for clicking the links and for reading the words at the top!

Why do words matter? Here are three essays I present as answers.

Recommended Reading

My Summer With Leo Tolstoy

This year I finally resolved to read ‘War and Peace.’ To think I might have died without having read it.



A Mind-Bending Translation of the New Testament

David Bentley Hart's text recaptures the awkward, multivoiced power of the original.



Where be your jibes now?

I can list​ a hundred things David Foster Wallace should have written before he wrote a book about tax accountants.


This was the 350th issue of "Nathanael's Reading," a weekly email with original thoughts and curated reading on technology + marketing + simplicity.