The Circle

Nathanael Yellis By Nathanael Yellis • Last Updated May 18, 2021

While you have to endure several characters whose role is to preach Eggers' views on the Internet, this is an inspiring book.

In fact, it launched this whole 50 in 2014 effort.

Eggers' message is that our hyper-connected world has a cost. When literally everything becomes a stat in your Klout score, you start to view everything through it, and that lens distorts.

Exploring this utopian/distopian future through Eggers' eyes is fun. Buckle for some spiels, but it's nothing like what Ayn Rand puts us through.

My takeaway from this book is simple: I need to internet less and read more. And I turned that into a goal: read 50 books in 2014.

Reading fifty books in 2014 is my way of rejecting the online world. The CircleThe Circle by Dave Eggers
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