Must Read Interview with Acton MBA Founder Jeff Sandefer

Nathanael Yellis By Nathanael Yellis • Last Updated May 18, 2021

Acton uses student reviews to evaluate teachers:

We get [professor] evaluations every week. Every comment is public; every rating is public. Every class is rated. And we all read all of them. These are every week, so there’s noise; there’s venting; there’s emotion. After you’ve done it long enough, you can pick out where there is a real recurring problem. And at the end of the semester, there’s a final form, that 0 – 5 rating and I think if you are below a 4.2 and you are the lowest rated one, you have to sit out and basically get to the end of the line and get back in. That applies to everybody.

On how learning happens at Acton:

It’s the 100-hour work weeks that deliver the lessons. 


Kaizen, published by Rockford College: PDF link.

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