Nathanael Yellis By Nathanael Yellis • Last Updated May 18, 2021

This week I finished reading Rework, which Seth Godin says to "ignore at your peril." I agree.

Rework is healthy design thinking for work. Asking 'why?' and 'what difference does that make?' of the common work practices and policies results in healthier approaches to work. For example, a workplace culture where workaholics aren't exalted as heroes and people are driven by passion for the work is rare and would be awesome. Yet, most of our daily work habits lead us in the opposite direction. This book leads the reader to consider the end to which a practice leads. Such mindful consideration is worthwhile.

The tough part about Rework is that it's directed to people that run their own companies. Employees, especially non-managers, may have trouble implementing their answers to the book's questions. In that sense, the book is very frustrating. But it's a good frustration: we should desire the best from our work.

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