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Why Make it Fun?

"Are you the judge that made them speak in rhyme?"

Yes, at a high school debate competition I asked one team I judged to debate in rhyme. I wanted them to add an element of play to the round. (I also wanted to not be bored, which I think is a reasonable request.)

A few mornings ago, I heard the Marketplace Morning Report host do an entire segment in rhyme. It sounded like he really enjoyed reading the news. I laughed at the financial news! He connected with me on a new level because he purposefully had fun.

Making communication fun helps you fire on more cylinders,building better connections with your audience. Creative options abound: rhyme, alliteration, and allegories make messages interesting and fun to hear. Adding play makes communication fun for you and the audience.

So the next time you have to make or listen to yet another rote presentation, do it in rhyme.