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Nathanael Yellis

Consultant: helping people use HubSpot for sales, marketing, and service.

Sales Consulting
Nathanael consults sales teams on how HubSpot helps reps work faster and close more deals & how HubSpot helps sales leaders see the data they need to keep their teams aligned.
Marketing Consulting
Nathanael consults on content, SEO, advertising, and more. The strategy and tactics center on HubSpot. An experienced marketer, Nathanael advises marketers on how to hit their goals on whatever system they use.
Service Consulting
Having managed a small help desk for several years, Nathanael brings experience to customer service consulting.

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Nathanael Yellis: Consultant

Nathanael joined Hubspot in 2017, after six years in non-profit marketing. His highlights include creating an instance of Sugar CRM, customized for non-profits, product managing a custom advocacy app, and replacing an outmoded email blast tool with advanced marketing automation. At a small marketing agency, Nathanael managed search, social, and display ad campaigns for a variety of clients.
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Nathanael Yellis: Person

Nathanael Yellis Speaking
Nathanael, his wife, and their three children live on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Originally a Mainer, he enjoys downhill skiing at Sugarloaf, golf at Webhannet, and listening to Joe Castiglione call Red Sox games.
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